Hello, everyone! I hope you are well and have enjoyed your reading week more than ever. I’ve spent my reading week in Loughborough and although I’d love to explore this beautiful town, I’ve been drowning in work. There are so many assignments to complete and barely enough time! However, this week has made me think about confidence, whether it’s how you see yourself or how you feel within.

When you walk down the streets, everyone looks like they’ve got their life together. You might see people rushing somewhere, some people laughing with their friends and couples holding hands. It all might seem like everyone else has this confidence within themselves. It might seem like everything is perfect for the people around you. Well, that is simply not true, and it doesn’t have to be.

People often struggle with confidence. One of the issues is body confidence, or how you generally see yourself. Some days you might not like your skin, some days it feels like your hair is simply not co-operating, some days you might dislike your body and some days those brows are simply not sleek enough. The thing you need to realise is that everybody, yes I mean everybody, feels like this at some point. Everybody gets insecure sometimes, and it’s okay. It’s okay not to feel like everything about you is perfect 24/7, because it doesn’t have to be. Us humans are perfectly imperfect and it’s okay.

Having insecurities doesn’t have to ruin your confidence. Accept the flaws. Your hair looks like it’s been blown around by wind for a year? Oh well! One of your brows looks like it’s turning into a rainbow? Doesn’t matter – brows are supposed to be sisters (or brothers) not twins anyway! Something about your body just simply does not feel right today? That’s okay too, because everybody feels insecure about something. Accept your flaws and feel confident.

Enjoy the happy moments in life. There’s only one of you out there and that makes you pretty special.

These are some of the happiest moments of my year so far. Don’t let your insecurities overtake your happiness.

– Helina x


TV Series and Films!

Hello, guys! I hope that you’re doing amazingly well and that you’re just as excited for reading week as I am! Although reading weak is mainly for studying, we all deserve little TV show breaks sometimes. If you’re stuck finding a series to watch, then look no further because I’ve got your back!

1. Stranger Things

This is one of the most unique and creative TV shows I’ve ever watched. It mainly focuses around a young boy’s disappearance and figuring out whether it was some terrifying force that caused it or not. There are so many twists and those ‘AHHH’ moments when you’re sat at the edge of your seat. I can’t even quite explain how many times I was like ‘I did NOT see that coming!’ and that’s what makes it so good. It can have some scary bits so be aware of that, but I wouldn’t say it’s a jumpy horror. It’s definitely top of my list so check it out!

(Source: Behance)

2. Made in Chelsea

This is one of those shows people would say is a “guilty pleasure” as it’s a reality TV show. I just honestly find it so entertaining seeing other people’s lives because it takes you away from all the assignment stress that we have at the moment haha! It’s just nice to watch something that does not require a lot of effort and you can just let your brain relax and enjoy the drama of other people’s lives. It’s all about the lives of young and wealthy twenty-somethings who live in London. Check it out of you need something easy to watch!

o-made-in-chelsea-facebook(Source: Platform Online)

3. Pretty Little Liars

If you’re not already obsessed with this TV show then this is the perfect time to start. It’s all based around a girl from a friendship group going missing and the rest of the girls receiving mysterious text messages from ‘A’. The most horrifying things happen to the girls of the group but the show also involves funny, scary and romantic bits. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already! I’m obsessed…

(Source: Mirror)

There are also SO many amazing films you could check out as well if TV series aren’t really your thing. My favourite films are thrillers and these are the ones that I have watched recently and loved:

  • Shutter Island – the most mind-blowing thriller. Ever. You might watch it and think you know what’s going up but you don’t. Trust me. You won’t even see it coming. Also, who doesn’t appreciate Leonardo Di Caprio’s acting? It’s a must-watch!
  • The Imitation Game – I don’t want to give anything away so I won’t be telling you too much but this is an interesting one as it follows real life events. At the end it provides facts about the situation. It is interesting and kind of scary to see what the world used to be like and the story line is extremely thrilling.
  • Inception – another amazing thriller with Leonardo Di Caprio. I just can’t get enough! This is a story about going to different stages of dreams and trying to realise what is real and what is not. Throughout the story it makes you feel like you know more and more about what is going on, but at the end you realise – you really don’t.
  • Ex Machina – this is for you if you like something a bit more futuristic. The story is about creating a very human-like machine. Of course, it’s not just about that but I don’t want to tell you too much! It’s funny, scary, romantic, thrilling and everything in between.
  • Zodiac – if you like a crime type of a thriller, then this one is for you. Definitely once again had no idea what was gonna happen at any point of the film.

I hope this helps you to find you some new TV shows or films to watch during reading week or the weekend! Have an amazing week guys! Make the most of it!

– Helina x


TV Series and Films!

It doesn’t cost anything to be kind.

Hello guys! I hope you’re all well and feeling more amazing than ever. This week I decided to focus my blog post on dealing with negative people.

Lately I have had experiences where I’ve felt completely helpless trying to explain myself to people who have the most negative outlook on life. There are people out there who like to pick apart every part of you or the things you do. They like to be in control of how you feel and how you act. How do they do this? Well, I think it’s just another form of bullying. If someone is bringing a person down simply to make themselves look superior, it is not right. Some like to say nasty comments about you behind your back. Some might assume things about you and act upon it in a very rude and negative manner. Some might swear at you, some might make you feel awkward by they way they act and talk to you in general. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable by how they speak to you or how they act when you’re around, it is not okay.

I struggled to understand that myself. I kept thinking ‘oh it’s fine because maybe it’ll pass, maybe it’s just the way they are’. Even if that’s just the kind of person they are, it is not right to put someone else down in order to make yourself feel better. It is not okay for anyone to want to be feel better than others while hurting their feelings in the process. If you are one of these people, I kindly ask you to stop. Look around you, the world is beautiful. Why not be kind? Why not help one another? Why spread hatred when you could spread happiness? Instead of bringing people down, what about lifting them up? I know it’s easy to make assumptions about other people’s lives but don’t do it.

Get to know the person before you say anything to/about them. When you approach people, be nice, be kind, be friendly. The world needs more people like that, not negative, rude and horrible people. Please process how you approach people, how you talk to people. It is so simple but if you are kind and nice to someone it might make their day so much better.

blowing out candles.png
(Source: janaleemiller)

If you are experiencing any form of bullying or feel down about anything, please contact someone. You deserve to be happy.

If you are a UCB student, there are so many services out there to support you including counselling and medical services. My friends and I have recently started a society at UCB called Positive Minds. Anyone is welcome there. Let’s make the world a happier place.

Stay positive.

– Helina x

It doesn’t cost anything to be kind.

Stressed Out?

Hello, everyone! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week and cannot wait for the weekend to begin! However, if you have felt a bit stressed about all the uni work or about anything else, I totally feel you.

This week I have been given an uncountable number of assignment remits and my head just wants to explode. Weekly case studies? Seminars? Reports? Essays? Presentations? It can all get a bit too much when it all gets thrown at you at once. But don’t worry, we’re all in this together (yes, this was an High School Musical reference, don’t judge me haha).

1. Write It All Down

Whenever I get all these assignments given to me, I take a step back to write them all down in my diary so I actually have an overview of the deadlines rather than trying to make sense of it all in my head. This helps me prioritise what needs to be done first. Take one step at a time (yes, this is a song reference… again).


2.  Take a Break and Read

Take a break from it all afterwards because otherwise your brain will turn into mushy peas and you definitely do not want that, trust me! Come back to it all later and take out your first assignment and look at what you need to do. Just look, you don’t even have to do anything else! This will help you realise that it’s probably not all that bad. Also, next time you go to the library you will know exactly which resources to get.

3. No Last Minute Work!

Don’t leave your assignments until last minute. There is nothing more stressful than trying to come up with 2,500 words in one evening. It’s just not good! This will also most likely affect the quality of your work and imagine how disappointed you’d be to get a really bad grade. Start a few weeks early and do it in your own pace. Maybe one page per day. Whatever works best for you.

4. Celebrate!

Once you’ve completed it all in time (hopefully way before the deadline), celebrate! You’ve done it! All the hard work has paid off and you’ve successfully managed to do your assignment, you are amazing! Have some chocolate, maybe even some pizza and ice cream if you think you’ve worked extra hard this time. Watch your favourite film in bed and don’t forget to submit the assignment! Don’t celebrate for too long because you probably have another assignment to be working on – but that will be a piece of cake!

I hope this helped you to feel less alone in this assignment stress. We’ve all been there and I am currently overloaded with work. But that’s okay! If you’re busy it means you’re doing something with your life. Take it easy on yourself.

– Helina x

Stressed Out?