Top Three 2017 Events You Must Go To!

Hey, everyone! Hope you’re all doing amazing! I recently got tickets to an awesome event happening in summer 2017 and I thought this would be the perfect time to recommend some fun events to go to.

1. Weekend Festival Baltic (Northern Europe)

This is the biggest festival in Northern Europe. It has a huge production and over 50 world-famous DJ’s performing every single year. It takes place in Sweden (Stockholm), Finland (Helsinki) and Estonia (Pärnu) usually at the beginning of August. Since I’m from Estonia, I went to the Estonian Weekend Festival for the second year in a row in 2016. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life. If you like dancing on the beach to the most awesome music without any care in the world, this is the place for you. No negativity, no stress, no worries, just dance, music, happiness and freedom. It’s a perfect way to end the summer.

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2. Summer in The City (United Kingdom)

This is the UK’s largest online video event. It takes place in London at the beginning of August, just like Weekend Festival. This is also the reason why I’m going to have to skip Weekend Festival in 2017 (which I feel SO sad about), because since I’ve now joined the YouTube community, I want to see what it’s like in the industry. The first day is for the creators and the rest of the weekend is for everyone – this includes performances, different planes from professional YouTubers etc. So if you’re someone interested in blogging/vlogging, definitely take a look at this event! Tickets are now on sale so go grab yours.

cw6oetrucaag2ok(Source: SummerInTheCity Twitter)

3. Positivus Festival (Latvia)

This is a three-day summer and culture festival held in Latvia. This includes various ranges of music: folk, pop, electronic, indie etc. Anything you can think of. So if Weekend Festival’s dance music isn’t really for you, there’s definitely something there for you at Positivus Festival. The event takes place in July so even if you want to go to both the Weekend Festival and this, you are definitely able to.

28677883675_e9b21e3bb3_b27978968254_3fe28f75d8_k(Source: Positivus Festival Flickr)

Of course there are many other huge and amazing events such as Coachella, but I thought these were the three worth mentioning as I am planning to go to these in the future! Hopefully this got you thinking about summer instead of all the assignment deadlines haha! Stay smiling.

– Helina x

Top Three 2017 Events You Must Go To!

Stationery Heaven

Hey, everyone! I hope you’re all well and I would just like to take this moment to say that you are all loved and cared about, no matter who you are or where you are in the world. Stay positive and stay happy.

This week I thought I’d talk about stationery because I’ve been using my sticky notes and planners more than ever. I have so many different items but I decided to show you my essentials as a university student. Hopefully this will help you find some cute little stationary pieces too to make you feel more organised.

1. Sticky Notes / Planners

I’m used to just getting simple sticky notes so when I saw these two sets of various types of them I was super happy and intrigued haha. The first set is the biggest one in the picture. It is by Zoella (the design says ‘she designed a life she loved’ on the cover in copper) and it is the most beautiful and sophisticated set of sticky notes you’ll ever see. It even has a weekly planner inside – how cool is that! Also, it has a massive list for any plans or shopping, it has little sticky notes to put as reminders and also bigger ‘notes to self’. This set is absolutely amazing so if you have £10 to spare and are looking for something new – go get it!

The second one is by Gabriella (velvetgh0st on YouTube) and it is only £3 (from Primark)! It includes a big sticky note with some smaller ones that I use for all my university things as bookmarks. I also love the ‘list goals’ little sticky note! How cute!

2. Notebooks

Notebooks are pretty much an essential for any student so I suggest you get one that is very light but also quite big to fit all your notes in. I have the Gabriella notebook from Primark and I love everything about it. Obviously it’s up to you but this range has different sized notebooks so pop into Primark if you like them!

3. Sharpies / Pens

There’s nothing more satisfying than having multicoloured sharpies (wow don’t I just sound really cool haha). And on top of that, to make taking notes more interesting – you need cute pens, you just need them! That’s why I have a mustache pen as well as a little dancing man pen! Makes taking notes much more interesting.

I hope this helped you a little bit! If you purchase any of these items (or if you already own them), be sure to tweet your pictures to us at @UCBloggers! Have an amazing weekend!

– Helina x

Stationery Heaven

Long Distance Relationships

Today we are going to talk about long distance relationships and I am going to be as honest as I possibly can about this topic. I know people have mixed opinions about this so I thought I would break it down for you all.

There are different scenarios of long-distance relationships. This often happens at university as partners might go to different ones. Or one partner could live in a different country. Whether it’s being in different universities or being separated by thousands of miles, I have experienced both within one relationship.

All relationships have their ups and downs but the distance can make them ten times worse. I can honestly tell you that it’s hard work being in a long distance relationship. It’s so difficult being able to talk to the person on the phone or to see them on the computer screen but not actually being able to be with them. It is definitely one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through but with the right person, it is worth it.

I have been dating my boyfriend for over 22 months now (yes, coming up to 2 years yay) and we go to different universities and therefore live two train journeys away from each other. We see each other every weekend and although that might not seem that bad, saying goodbye that often is incredibly sad. Also, during a3 month period in summer 2015, we were unable to see each other in person at all. But all of this is worth it. If you fail one of your assignments, do you stop going to university at all? If the train is delayed, do you quit going to your destination? If your car won’t turn on in the cold winter morning, do you just walk away? No. You keep going. You don’t give up. You keep doing better in your assignments, you find another way to your destination and you’ll get someone to fix your car. The key to long distance relationships is simply not giving up.

My tips for long distance relationships:
Trust. Trust your partner completely, otherwise it’s simply not going to work if you worry about what they’re doing and who they’re with every second of the day. Trust them to tell you about your day and don’t question it.
Communication. You have to talk to each other, which is kind of obvious. Message each other as much as you can. Talk about your days, make each other feel involved. It will make waiting for the moment to see each other so much easier.
Don’t give up. You will have difficult days. Some days are worse than others. But that doesn’t mean that all the good days don’t matter. If the person is worth it, so is waiting for them. Nowadays it’s actually very common to have a long distance relationship so I want you to know that you’re not alone in this.

– Helina x

Long Distance Relationships

What I Eat In A Day: Easy & Vegetarian

Hello, guys! I hope you are well! This week’s been super stressful because I had a 3,000-word report due on Thursday, but I got it done! If you know me, you know I like to cook really simple and easy meals as I am not the kind of person to spend hours and hours in the kitchen. So today I thought I’d share what I normally eat in a day! Obviously I have different types of food every day but hopefully just sharing a day of food with you will give you some inspiration! I’m planning to do more of these in the future so I hope you like it!

1. Breakfast: Porridge

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I never really used to like porridge because it seemed to bland for me. Recently, however, I’ve started to mix it up a little bit so here’s my favourite ever recipe for a yummy breakfast!

You will need:

  • Almond milk (I use Alpro Roasted Almond – Unsweetened)
  • Easy oats (I used Tesco’s Golden Syrup ones)
  • Cashew nuts (or any nuts that you liked)
  • Banana (I didn’t add mine in this time because I ran out but it makes a massive difference in the flavour)
  • Honey – only if using regular oats, not flavoured ones like I did


Put the oats in a bowl and fill the oat packet up with some milk and pour that in with the oats. Stir, pop in the microwave until it thickens (usually about 1-2 minutes). Take it out and add more milk (this will cool it down more and you can choose the thickness of your porridge – if you want it runnier, add more milk). Chop up a banana and put that in, try to mush it a little. Add in the cashew nuts, stir everything together and voila! Perfection!

2. Lunch: Vegetable Tarte, Fries, Salad


I was meeting my best friend Debby (who I’m sure you all know because she has an amazing blog as a UCBlogger too) at uni so we had lunch at the McIntyre House Cafe of UCB. We both got a vegetable tarte with some fries, and of course, we sprinkled some cheese on top! We had some salad on the side to try to look more healthy, although that probably didn’t work haha! It was delicious though!

3. Dinner: Veggie Pasta

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Pasta is so simple, cheap and easy to cook so it’s pretty much an essential for all students. You can have it in so many different ways and somehow you never get bored of it. This is how I decided to have mine…

You will need:

  • Pasta – 2 cups (serves 2, I did this so I’d have some left over for the next day)
  • Pasta sauce – 250g (I used tomato and garlic pasta sauce)
  • Sweetcorn or any other veggies you like! Completely up to you. (I used a small tin of sweetcorn and peppers by Green Giant)
  • 1 clove of garlic (I used a small tsp of chopped (easy) garlic)
  • Garlic bread
  • Salt and oil


Put the pasta in the pan with some water and a pinch of salt, bring to a boil and boil until soft. Drain. Meanwhile fry the sweetcorn with a tsp of oil on a frying pan for a minute, then add the sauce and garlic. Stir for a couple of minutes. Pop the garlic bread in the oven for approximately 10 minutes (all garlic breads are different so read the instructions for yours). Once the pasta is drained, add it to the saucy mixture. Stir everything together and fry for a couple of minutes. Serve on a plate and enjoy!

– Helina x


What I Eat In A Day: Easy & Vegetarian