Top Three Budget Cameras

Hey, guys! I hope you are feeling amazing today! This week I thought I would give you my top three cameras on a budget around £300. I got this idea as I was looking to buy a camera for myself to take amazing pictures for this blog as well as to post better quality videos for my YouTube channel. I picked out three favourites, but first, I will talk about my chosen one.

1. Canon EOS M10

This camera is amazing for both photography and videography. I have taken some amazing photos so far, which will definitely make their way to this blog! It focuses really easily and blurs out the background completely. Auto-focus is pretty good on this and it makes it easier to focus because of the touch screen. However, it can take some time to focus sometimes so I like to use manual focus when taking pictures/videos. Also, you can flip the screen up to take selfies/vlog which was what I definitely wanted in my camera. It also has wi-fi as well as a corresponding app so you could get the footage to your phone/computer super easily. I got mine from John Lewis as I found that the cheapest option. The white one is £20 cheaper in most stores but I believe both the black and white are the same price in John Lewis, if you do want to go for the black one. It cost £280 with a two-year warranty. They also offered an extra £25 warranty for any damages caused by the user e.g. if you were to drop it, they would either fix it or give you a brand new one. I will probably end up buying a new lens in the future in order to test the capabilities of this camera even more. Overall amazing for simple blogging and vlogging!


FullSizeRender 3.jpg
(This is the first picture I took with the camera, focusing on the two sheep)

2. Sony a5000

This was my second option as it is said to produce good quality videos and photos. What makes this different from the Canon EOS M10 is handling low light situations. I watched lots of videos on YouTube comparing the two and the tests showed that it does not adapt to low light situations easily. It is grainy or completely dark. It also often has more of a trouble focusing. Therefore, although the cameras were quite similar, I decided not to buy this one. Other than that, it also has wi-fi, flip screen, flash etc. I think this is mainly for photography though as it is said to produce better photographs than the Canon camera. So if you were looking for a camera for photos, this is the one! Costs £299.

(Source: Which?)

3. Nikon J5

This is the camera I initially wanted to buy but it was sold out EVERYWHERE online. This has 4k video quality, which is why I wanted it in the first place. However, after some research people have said that it shoots poor quality photos in low light and is quite slow. What pushed me away from this is that the reviews stated VERY poor low light video quality as well. Since I was buying a camera for that, I stayed away from this one. However it proves to shoot amazing videos and photos outdoors and in good lighting. Since it does have 4k quality, if you are buying a camera for outdoor use or if you have good lighting where you’re filming, I’d say go for this one.This also has the flip screen and other features like the cameras mentioned above. Costs £299.


(Source: Which?)

All in all, it all depends on what you are buying the camera for. I based my research on the Which? website, which UCB students have free access to. It provides overall ratings for cameras as well as statistics, pictures and reviews for all elements. Definitely something worth checking out!

– Helina x

Top Three Budget Cameras

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