My journey to becoming a YouTube Partner…

Becoming a YouTuber wasn’t really ever something I had in mind. It all started around 6 years ago when I started making fandom videos. YouTube wasn’t this huge money-making industry for influencers like it is nowadays. It was for likeminded people to make any content they like. It was a very supportive community, especially in the ‘fandom’ section. I used to make videos about my favourite celebrities with my friends and it was SO MUCH FUN! Click here if you want to see some of the videos that I’ve kept on that channel. I had around one thousand subscribers on that channel and it was amazing. I was meeting people online who liked editing videos just as much as I did and we all supported each other. I loved it!

However, since I was growing older and life got more busy, I stopped making those videos. I made a video every few months until I completely stopped. My latest video on that channel was posted 2 years ago. That’s when I discovered the other side of YouTube. I started following people like Zoella and PointlessBlog and Marcus Butler and Sprinkle of Glitter and I felt like I wanted to be part of the same community as them. I wanted to vlog and look back at the videos and the memories. But since I was too nervous, I never wanted to show myself in any videos or talk in them, so I started posting travelling videos. I would edit videos just like before but of clips of my own. That’s where it all began. My journey to becoming a YouTube partner.

The 20th of August 2016 was the day that I uploaded my first video that I properly featured in and oh boy was I nervous! I did this with my boyfriend because I was too scared on my own. To my surprise, the feedback I got was SO positive so I thought I would start uploading normal sit-down-videos. That’s where it all began. More people started subscribing and watching my videos and my following across all my social media platforms increased. I was so happy to still do something that I loved (editing) years ago but now being even more involved. I cannot tell you enough how many opportunities this has brought to me. I am working closely with brands that I love and I get invited to the most amazing events for bloggers and businesses. This is something I could’ve never dreamt of but I am so happy that this is my reality. YouTube also encouraged me to apply to be a UCBlogger and here I am now. YouTube and blogging are the things I am most passionate about and I am so happy to have this as my job / hobby. Both of these platforms influenced my final year research project, which I did about using social media as a marketing tool for businesses. I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without doing this, something I love so much.

I hope you have the courage to follow your passion. Don’t be scared of what others may think because at the end of the day, you’re in charge of your life so make the most of it.

– Helina x

My journey to becoming a YouTube Partner…

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