Spring Denim OOTD ✌🏻

This week I didn’t really know what to blog about as I’ve just submitted my dissertation so I’ve been relaxing for a couple of days. However, today I’m actually going somewhere! Right now I’m on the train to Loughborough to see my boyfriend (long distance sucks). Lately I’ve seen so many bloggers do outfit posts I thought I’d do my own!

I’ve literally been living in this outfit lately. Years ago I bought this denim jacket from a thrift shop that I only wore a couple of times and forgot about it. I did some spring cleaning a few weeks ago and found it and fell in love with it again. The whole outfit focuses around the jacket as it’s kind of the main piece. That’s why I like wearing a black top and black jeans to go with it. The top I’m wearing is from H&M and although it was quite pricey I love the details on it! My favourite look ever lately. Pair it with a pair of Converse or Nikes or whatever you wish and you’re good to go!

Also, I never wear backpacks. Like ever. Again, this one I bought about a year ago and completely forgot about it. But now I love it. So much better than carrying a heavy handbag with you.

What’s your spring staple? Are you a denim or leather jacket lover? Or something completely different? Let me know by tweeting us at UCBloggers! Now enough of the talking, here are some pictures to show you the outfit!

– Helina x

Spring Denim OOTD ✌🏻

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