Top Three Budget Cameras

Hey, guys! I hope you are feeling amazing today! This week I thought I would give you my top three cameras on a budget around £300. I got this idea as I was looking to buy a camera for myself to take amazing pictures for this blog as well as to post better quality videos for my YouTube channel. I picked out three favourites, but first, I will talk about my chosen one.

1. Canon EOS M10

This camera is amazing for both photography and videography. I have taken some amazing photos so far, which will definitely make their way to this blog! It focuses really easily and blurs out the background completely. Auto-focus is pretty good on this and it makes it easier to focus because of the touch screen. However, it can take some time to focus sometimes so I like to use manual focus when taking pictures/videos. Also, you can flip the screen up to take selfies/vlog which was what I definitely wanted in my camera. It also has wi-fi as well as a corresponding app so you could get the footage to your phone/computer super easily. I got mine from John Lewis as I found that the cheapest option. The white one is £20 cheaper in most stores but I believe both the black and white are the same price in John Lewis, if you do want to go for the black one. It cost £280 with a two-year warranty. They also offered an extra £25 warranty for any damages caused by the user e.g. if you were to drop it, they would either fix it or give you a brand new one. I will probably end up buying a new lens in the future in order to test the capabilities of this camera even more. Overall amazing for simple blogging and vlogging!


FullSizeRender 3.jpg
(This is the first picture I took with the camera, focusing on the two sheep)

2. Sony a5000

This was my second option as it is said to produce good quality videos and photos. What makes this different from the Canon EOS M10 is handling low light situations. I watched lots of videos on YouTube comparing the two and the tests showed that it does not adapt to low light situations easily. It is grainy or completely dark. It also often has more of a trouble focusing. Therefore, although the cameras were quite similar, I decided not to buy this one. Other than that, it also has wi-fi, flip screen, flash etc. I think this is mainly for photography though as it is said to produce better photographs than the Canon camera. So if you were looking for a camera for photos, this is the one! Costs £299.

(Source: Which?)

3. Nikon J5

This is the camera I initially wanted to buy but it was sold out EVERYWHERE online. This has 4k video quality, which is why I wanted it in the first place. However, after some research people have said that it shoots poor quality photos in low light and is quite slow. What pushed me away from this is that the reviews stated VERY poor low light video quality as well. Since I was buying a camera for that, I stayed away from this one. However it proves to shoot amazing videos and photos outdoors and in good lighting. Since it does have 4k quality, if you are buying a camera for outdoor use or if you have good lighting where you’re filming, I’d say go for this one.This also has the flip screen and other features like the cameras mentioned above. Costs £299.


(Source: Which?)

All in all, it all depends on what you are buying the camera for. I based my research on the Which? website, which UCB students have free access to. It provides overall ratings for cameras as well as statistics, pictures and reviews for all elements. Definitely something worth checking out!

– Helina x

Top Three Budget Cameras

FREE Student Essentials!

Hello, all my lovely blog readers! I hope you are well and not feeling too frozen in this icy cold weather. Now Christmas and New Year’s Eve have passed, most of our money has probably gone. That is why this week I thought I’d tell you a little bit about some FREE websites in order to…

  • Save you some money!
  • Enhance your uni work!

So here we go!


1. RefMe 

I cannot even tell you how much I use this. This makes referencing SO easy and I feel like everybody needs to know about it! It is completely free to use and it is so simple. You can either fill in the appropriate slots to create the reference or, most of the time, it finds the reference for you by either typing in the author or the title of the book. How amazing is that! It also lets you create folders for different subjects so it is always super organised and easy to look through everyone. This is a total student saviour and the referencing is 100% correct. As a final year student, I have never had a problem with it! AND it’s free to sign up! Perfect for students!

2. Prezi Presentation

This is amazing for all students but especially marketing students in order to stand out from usual PowerPoint presentations. Prezi is a presentation software online. These presentation slides are pre-made and animated yet still look very professional. They can be modified in all sorts of ways but I think it is an awesome program online and it makes presentations a thousand times more fun. It’s difficult to describe but go ahead and check it out yourself!

3. Unidays

Discounts. Yes, that is pretty much all I’ve got to say. It’s a website/app for you to get amazing student discounts, and guess what, it is completely free! All you have to do is sign up with your student email and you’re good to go. 40% off at ASK Italian, 10% off at Superdrug, 20% off at PureGym and so many more! Go have a look because it’s definitely worth signing up to!

4. Save The Student

This website has it all, from Student Finance information to getting a job and making money. It’s an amazing place to find freebies and incredible student discounts so I am constantly on the site looking for some student freebies! You’d be surprised how much there is! The website also provides help with finances, bills, jobs, housing and saving money. Everything in one place. I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me!

I hope this blog post saved you some money as well as gave you some ideas for creative uni work! I hope you’re having the best 2017 and doing amazing at your exams. Until next week!

– Helina x

FREE Student Essentials!

Christmas Gift Guide: Under £15!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another blog post! I hope you’re all well and super excited for Christmas now that it’s finally December! Since now is the time people start thinking about Christmas presents, I thought it would be perfect to give you a few ideas for affordable presents, if you’re a student like myself! Here are my favourite ideas for some adorable gifts…

1. Jewellery

Who doesn’t like jewellery, am I right? You could get some statement pieces or some lovely delicate necklaces, all depending on what the person likes! Jewellery Box UK kindly sent me the most lovely Christmas gift, containing three items – a necklace pendant, a bracelet and some earrings – all in the theme of a star. The items on their site are very affordable but the quality is amazing! They come in a little box and you can even choose to get it wrapped if you’re feeling lazy. Definitely something worth checking out for good quality, beautiful and affordable jewellery! There’s something for everyone.

2. Adult Colouring Books

If the person you’re looking for a present is creative, this is definitely something worth considering. These books are much more difficult than your usual colouring books, they need serious precision skills haha. The one I have bought is Harry Potter themed because my friend loves it. This is such a good present idea as you can adjust it to their liking and get it themed. However, if you do not know a specific theme you’d like to go for, there are amazing colouring books like ‘Lost Ocean’ and ‘Secret Garden’ so have a look at those!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

3. Books

Books are always a good idea and there is definitely something out there for everyone! I have chosen Girl Online Going Solo by Zoe Sugg as an example but there are so many amazing books out there! If you’d rather get a more interactive book, I’d suggest ‘Calm’ for someone who’s stressed or Wreck This Journal if they want to bring out their creative side! Always add a pair of cosy socks with a book because they’re the comfiest things on earth.

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4. Make-Up/Beauty Sets

If you know someone who loves make-up, get them a Christmassy make-up palette! I have the Tanya Burr ‘Beautifully Defined’ palette and I think it’s amazing to give to someone as a present. There are a lot of Christmassy beauty/skincare sets in Superdrug (such as Zoella and Tanya Burr) so go have a look – there should be something for everyone.

5. Cup / Mug and Goodies!

You can never go wrong with a cute cup or a mug that’s filled with candy and chocolate! So get a mug or cup of your choice (there’s loads of affordable ones in Primark), fill it with their favourite sweets (or cosy socks) and you’re good to go! Simple but so lovely!

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I hope this gave you some inspiration for Christmas presents! Have a lovely weekend!

– Helina x

Christmas Gift Guide: Under £15!

Best Student Deals!

As a student, money can often be an issue as everything has to fit in the budget (make sure you have a certain budget each month!). Although this can be difficult, there are lots of student deals out there as well as other tips and tricks on how to save!

  1. NUS Extra Card
    I have got so much use out of this for the past two years so to me this is just an essential thing to have as a student! NUS discounts include 10% off at Superdrug, up to 40% off at ASK Italian, 25% off at Domino’s, 10% off at Accessorize, 25% off at Odeon and so much more!
  2. Unidays
    This is great if you don’t want to spend on an NUS card! It’s completely free to register online and it offers amazing discounts as well! Such as: 20% off at New Look, 20% off at Missguided, 10% off at ASOS and much more! Definitely something worth checking out as a student!
  3. Independent Birmingham 
    This is amazing for the people out there who are interested in trying out new food places! Since UCB is in the heart of Birmingham, this would be super useful! It supports the best independent pubs, cafes, bars, restaurants and shops in Birmingham!
  4. Railcard
    If you don’t live in Birmingham and you take the train to get to UCB, this is just essential! Or if you just like to travel by train around England, this will definitely be useful! As an international student, I take the train to airports so every time I have to catch a plane, this card is a saviour! You can save 1/3 on your journeys! YAY!
  5. Loyalty Cards!
    This one applies to everyone but every penny counts as a student! Superdrug beauty card collects points after every purchase. After a certain amount of points you start collecting money to be used in the store (also free delivery). Tesco sends vouchers (such as £5 off!) after you’ve shopped there for a while. The loyalty cards usually offer discounts in the store so every time you go to a store – ask for a student discount and a loyalty card because most shops have it! Trust me, it will help you save loads!
  6. Cheaper Starbucks! 
    This applies to UCB students only but I think it is definitely something worth mentioning. In one of the UCB buildings called McIntyre House, we have our own Starbucks! Yes, Starbucks actually inside of the university! And what makes it even better is that it is cheaper than other Starbucks stores! I suggest taking advantage of this as a UCB student and living life to the fullest!

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I hope this helped you to think of ways to save money as a student. It might seem difficult at first but all these discounts are here to help you out! Stay positive and make the most of your uni experience!

– Helina x

Best Student Deals!