Dealing with Stress

Life has been pretty stressful for me lately with all the assignments, my dissertation, work and other responsibilities happening at once. It can get extremely overwhelming at times, which is important to take the time to relax. I personally feel like I cannot take a break because I need to work on something every minute of every day. Most of the time I run everywhere last minute because there’s so much going on I simply start forgetting things. Yesterday I came home from work and told myself this can’t be how I deal with everything so I made a plan, relaxed and now I feel so much better so I thought I would let you know how I did it!

I got home from work, dropped all of my bags and fell onto bed. I felt guilty for just sitting there as I have so many things to do but then I told myself that I’m not going to get anything done if I just keep stressing over it. So I got up, took out my list making planner and wrote a list of all the responsibilities so I would have a clear idea of everything. I wrote down all of my meetings, assignment deadlines and appointments just so I would feel like I was on top of it all, which already made me feel a thousand times better.

AND NOW, it’s time to de-stress. I got into the comfiest pyjamas I own and filled my bed with comfy pillows and blankets. I got myself some hot chocolate, sat on my bed with one of my favourite books to read at stressful times named ‘Calm’. It is supposed to calm the mind and for me it certainly does. I used the app that comes with it to put some soothing music on in the background and it was so lovely. After feeling a bit better, I put on a face mask and grabbed a magazine to read that I have been meaning to read for months. I read about all the other things happening in the world, which made me forget all the problems of my own.

After that, it was time to get ready for bed! I took a loooooooong warm shower and used my favourite products. Then I used a lovely body cream to have that little extra pampering session. Finally, I sprayed my pillows with a ‘deep sleep pillow spray’, which always makes me fall asleep really fast and I get the best deep sleep.

Today, I feel like a completely new person ready to take on the world again. I hope this blog post made you feel less alone if you’re stressed like I am and gave you a few ideas on how to overcome it. Stay strong!

– Helina

Dealing with Stress