My Course

I’m a final year student of BA (Hons) Marketing with Events Management and I am loving it! Here’s a brief overview of the awesome things we have done so far!

  • Creating a website!
    One of the assignments was to create a cosmetics website. It could be about any type you’d like and you could design it however you wanted! I decided to create a natural cosmetics line called Clarity and I had so much fun doing it. Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 12.08.22
  • Putting on a live event! 
    Yes, one of the assignments was to actually put on an event for a charity! We did it for Fisher House of QEHB Charity and the event we held was an Old Hollywood Movie Matinee! It showed us how it really is to hold an event and it was a great experience.
  • Other amazing opportunities! 
    We have presented our marketing ideas to the National Sperm Bank, including creating and advertisement and a guerilla campaign. These ideas were used in order to improve their marketing strategies and the feedback from them was very positive! We have also presented marketing ideas to hired@UCB in order to improve student engagement even further!

All in all, every assignment helps to develop the knowledge of the marketing and events management industry and I’m glad UCB also gives students the opportunity to be involved in the live projects that I mentioned above.