Here I’ll Stay.

I get questions all the time from people back at home in Estonia… Is Estonia no longer your home? Are you going to be British now? Are you ever going to come back to Estonia to live here permanently? It’s all a little bit weird for me because to me, Estonia is and always will be my home. It is where I grew up, it is where my family lives, it is the language I speak and it has made me the person I am today. Although I am currently living in the United Kingdom and it was my life-long dream, it doesn’t make Estonia and my family home any less my home.

When I was back at home in Estonia about a week ago, I went to the 12th Youth Song and Dance Celebration called Here I’ll Stay, which really made me proud of where I am from. It reminded me what our little country has gone through to be independent and what a big role every person in Estonia has had in this. Thousands of people singing and dancing together, laughing together. The rest of the world might see Estonians as quite ‘cold’ people but during that event, you could only feel warmth and love.

I’ll always be proud of where I’m from. And one day I’d love to move back to my little country again after travelling the rest of the world. And then I can say ‘Here I’ll stay’.


– Helina x

Here I’ll Stay.

Animals & Us.

I am a massive lover of animals. I even turned vegetarian a few years ago because of how much I love them. I honestly think animals deserve to be loved just as much as humans. They’re no different from us. Sometimes I even think that animals are more caring and loving than humans. They never judge you, they’re not malicious, they just get on with their every day life, yet sometimes, they do not get treated very well by us humans.

I recently went to an alpaca farm in Estonia with my mum and my boyfriend and it’s the most caring animal-loving place I’ve ever been to. The alpacas loved the people who took care of them and they loved them back just as much. They were treated as if they were their family members. All of the animals there had nicknames and special treats they got depending on what a specific animal liked. There were little goats with funny names like Obama, Putin and Donald Trump depending on their personalities and looks. The people who visited (including us) weren’t there to look at them while they are caged up somewhere with nowhere to run. No. They are kept in massive fields and visitors are free to run around with them, feed them and cuddle them. It’s honestly one of my favourite places in Estonia.

Unfortunately, that farm exists without the EU’s support as alpacas are considered pets. That’s why it is so important to support caring and loving organisations and farms that actually support these animals. I am so happy to give them any support they need, even it’s when I buy something from their little shops or pay the entrance fee when I go there every summer.


Also, I visited Tallinn Zoo and I am so happy they’re renovating it and making the enclosures so much bigger. I’m not really a fan of many zoos as a lot of them cage up animals in the smallest cages and there’s no way that an animal could live their life to the fullest there. I mean imagine being locked up in one room for the rest of your life. When I visited Tallinn Zoo, we found out that they’re rebuilding the polar bear enclosure and the plan of it looks amazing! Currently the enclosure isn’t very big, so at the moment I feel pretty bad for them. But, due to people’s continuous support, they’re building an incredible area for them where they will be put together with other animals they would be found with in the wild. It’s awesome to see what us humans can do for animals that need us.


That’s why I think it is important to support animals. And if you see animals being treated badly, raise your voice. You need to be the voice for animals that cannot speak for themselves.

Be kind, be humble. Make a difference. 

– Helina

Animals & Us.

Feeling Homesick

Lately I’ve been missing home more than anything. I’ve finished university after three years and I’m going on to my masters degree next year. This summer I’m also moving in with my boyfriend and pretty much starting my independent life properly. This is the first summer I haven’t gone back home for the full summer (3 months!) and it feels a bit weird.

I miss my house and the fluffy rug in my room. I miss the massive beanbags my mum made herself (they’re the size of a small room honestly, absolutely MASSIVE). I miss my parents’ pink room and I miss our comfy living room with a fireplace in it. I miss my cat who’s the fluffiest, softest and cuddliest thing in the world. I miss my nephew Kennert who always knows how to put a smile on my face and I miss my nephew Karel who’s just the smallest cutest guy ever and who I have only met twice in my life due to living so far away. I miss my mum who’s the funniest smartest most caring person in the world and I miss my dad who’s the strongest kindest and most supportive person in my life. I miss my brother who makes stupid jokes but is someone I can always count on. I miss my friend Maris who’s always there for me throughout everything and I miss my friend Kaisa who I haven’t seen for months but who always makes me laugh until I cry. I miss all of these people and I miss my home town and the sea and the river being so close to my house. But here’s the thing… These people are still in my life. Although I’ve lived far away for 3 years I know they’re all still there. There for me just like I am still there for them. And I feel so lucky.

Appreciate the people in your life who love you just as much as you love them. These are the people that are going to be there for you through every step of your life, no matter how far you are. If you’re homesick and you miss them, then let them know. They’re only a phone call or a message away.

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

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– Helina x

Feeling Homesick

Happy Easter: Estonian Edition!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your Easter holidays as much as I am! It’s so nice to be home surrounded by my family and feeling so loved and giving just as much love back. This Thursday we prepared for Easter! We decorated the house just a little bit and got the eggs ready for the morning. The tradition is to have a little competition in the evening to see whose egg cracks first by hitting them against each other. Sounds a bit weird and a bit crazy but also so much fun haha. This year I’m lucky enough to spend Easter with my mum, dad and my boyfriend – all together in Estonia. Instead of writing a massive blog post about our Easter here, I’ll show you it all in pictures. After this, go spend time with your family and tell them you love them and have the best Easter of your life.

– Helina x

Happy Easter: Estonian Edition!

Quiet Summer? Explore Estonia!

Have no plans for the summer? How about exploring Estonia? Estonia is a part of the Baltic States (which includes Latvia and Lithuania). Before I moved to England I saw it just as a tiny country that wasn’t anything special but now that I spend most of my life in England, every time I go back it feels like a holiday. I seem to appreciate everything I used to take for granted so much more. This summer I’m definitely going back to my home country again to explore the small yet amazingly beautiful country that I still call my home. I thought I’d share my all-time favourite places in Estonia with you, some might be common to tourists and some you might not even think of so here we go! (P.S. return flights start from 20 pounds in summer time so it’s definitely a bargain you do not want to miss).

1. Pärnu Beach

Yup, a beach. It’s pretty much an essential for summer time. I absolutely love the beach in my home town Pärnu. It’s a sandy beach, which I prefer so much more than the pebble beaches here in England. There’s just something about walking around in warm sand with a nice cool breeze going through your hair. Plus, we have cute little beach huts that sell cocktails, ice-cream, burgers, fries and pretty much anything you can think of. That’s why most people spend the whole day there! It’s also really nice to go there just for a walk even when it’s not summer time. There are nature trails looking over the seafront and you can even spot some cows. Pretty much my favourite place in Estonia. Also, it’s where the Weekend Festival takes place, which is my favourite festival ever (read my blog post about it all here). If you’d rather watch a little video about our little cycling trip around the seafront of Pärnu, click here!

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2. Tolkuse Raba

This is a swamp / nature trail right outside of Pärnu and it is basically the most magical place ever. Every time I go back home, I end up going there because it is so beautiful, no matter the weather or the season. I’ve taken all my friends there who have visited me from England and they are just in love with the place as I am. My favourite time to go there is when the sun is just about to set. One of the most beautiful sights in the world so I wouldn’t miss it if I were you.

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3. Tallinn’s Old Town / Viewing Platform

I absolutely love going to the Old Town in Tallinn. It’s like the time had stopped there and it has been kept as medieval as it was once upon a time. There’s so many various restaurants offering traditional Estonian cuisines, even vegan / vegetarian ones! I would definitely also visit one of the viewing platforms to see the overview of the old town and the pretty little rooftops. It’s hard to put into words how beautiful it is there and how different it is from everything else so I think it’s best to show you in pictures… If you’d like to see it in video, here’s a little vlog I filmed last time I went to Tallinn with my British boyfriend Kieran OR a video I made from the time I went to Tallinn with my family!

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4. Alpaca Farm

This. Place. Is. So. Cute! If you’re an animal lover like me then this place will be heavenly for you! I absolutely love everything about it. Alpacas are the most adorable things in the world and you can feed them, hug them, cuddle them and just spend time with them. They’re the softest little things I have ever seen. The place is owned by the loveliest people who tell you everything about how they started and also about the alpacas! Also, there are lots of goats who I completely fell in love with! Who knew goats could be so cute, I honestly didn’t. There was this one tiny goat baby that refused to let me leave by trying to stand on my feet every time I tried to go haha! Definitely visit them if you’re going to Estonia!


This (unfortunately) is all I have time to talk to you guys about today! But I am going to Estonia in a few days so another blog post of the hidden gems of Estonia might be coming your way soon. Until then, I hope you’re already looking for flight tickets to Tallinn.

– Helina x


Quiet Summer? Explore Estonia!

Top Three 2017 Events You Must Go To!

Hey, everyone! Hope you’re all doing amazing! I recently got tickets to an awesome event happening in summer 2017 and I thought this would be the perfect time to recommend some fun events to go to.

1. Weekend Festival Baltic (Northern Europe)

This is the biggest festival in Northern Europe. It has a huge production and over 50 world-famous DJ’s performing every single year. It takes place in Sweden (Stockholm), Finland (Helsinki) and Estonia (Pärnu) usually at the beginning of August. Since I’m from Estonia, I went to the Estonian Weekend Festival for the second year in a row in 2016. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life. If you like dancing on the beach to the most awesome music without any care in the world, this is the place for you. No negativity, no stress, no worries, just dance, music, happiness and freedom. It’s a perfect way to end the summer.

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2. Summer in The City (United Kingdom)

This is the UK’s largest online video event. It takes place in London at the beginning of August, just like Weekend Festival. This is also the reason why I’m going to have to skip Weekend Festival in 2017 (which I feel SO sad about), because since I’ve now joined the YouTube community, I want to see what it’s like in the industry. The first day is for the creators and the rest of the weekend is for everyone – this includes performances, different planes from professional YouTubers etc. So if you’re someone interested in blogging/vlogging, definitely take a look at this event! Tickets are now on sale so go grab yours.

cw6oetrucaag2ok(Source: SummerInTheCity Twitter)

3. Positivus Festival (Latvia)

This is a three-day summer and culture festival held in Latvia. This includes various ranges of music: folk, pop, electronic, indie etc. Anything you can think of. So if Weekend Festival’s dance music isn’t really for you, there’s definitely something there for you at Positivus Festival. The event takes place in July so even if you want to go to both the Weekend Festival and this, you are definitely able to.

28677883675_e9b21e3bb3_b27978968254_3fe28f75d8_k(Source: Positivus Festival Flickr)

Of course there are many other huge and amazing events such as Coachella, but I thought these were the three worth mentioning as I am planning to go to these in the future! Hopefully this got you thinking about summer instead of all the assignment deadlines haha! Stay smiling.

– Helina x

Top Three 2017 Events You Must Go To!