Growing apart…

There are so many friendships and relationships that just completely disappear. You see the person you used to be best friends with and you greet each other like you would greet just another acquaintance. Sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes we don’t even think about it. The disappearance of a friendship might be the best or worst thing that’s ever happened. Especially when the friendship meant a lot to you.

I have had my fair share of friendships as I’m 22 years old and when you are little you gain new friendships every day. There are some that I can’t even really remember but there are some that I sometimes look back on. I’m not going to name any names but the people reading this will know if it’s about them. I’ve only got good things to say about you so don’t worry haha!

My first proper friendship started in kindergarten. We were in the same group and we were inseparable. We ended up going to the same school TWICE in a row (1-4th grade in one school and 5-12th in another). I think we drifted apart when we got accepted to the new school where we spent our 5th-12th grade. It didn’t happen suddenly, I think it just happened over time. We made new friends and then we really never spoke again or visited each other again. I still remember her room and the garden where we used to hang out and it’s only good memories. It was nice to have someone to walk through life with, to apply to schools with and to just have fun with. I hope you know that you were one of the most important friends in my life.

Another best friend I had was as in love with Romeo & Juliet as I was. We cut out tops from bedsheets to make Romeo & Juliet fandom shirts. They were pretty horrible, but we loved them and I’m pretty sure I still have them stored somewhere. We would stay over at each other’s and stay up all night dancing and singing and just being ridiculous. That was one of the most fun friendships of my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Sometimes it’s not just friendships that grow apart, it can be family members that you just don’t talk to anymore that often. Me & my brother used to be quite close. Although we argued (like brothers and sisters do), I knew he was my rock and I could always count on him. I remember one time that I got driven over by a motorcycle (I think it was attempting a backflip off my back or something ridiculous) and the first person I called to pick me up was my brother. Now he has his own family because he’s quite a bit older than me but I hope he knows that I love and miss him a lot, although we don’t speak that often anymore (look at us silly billies on the picture below, we are totally ridiculous but also very happy haha).

There are other friendships that I’m also sad that ended but if I talked about all of them, I would have to stay here typing all day and you’d basically be reading a book!

Growing apart doesn’t mean not caring. These people are still very important in my life. And I have the most amazing friends in my life now that I will make sure I will annoy for the rest of my life.


– Helina x

Growing apart…

Explore. Improve. Create.

Hello, guys! I hope you’re having an amazing time whatever you are doing (unlike me who is ill in bed and has to take antibiotics). Today’s blog post is a little bit different. I hope to inspire people to either create something new, improve what they’ve already got or to go explore the world.

I have recently been getting messages suggesting that my YouTube channel and blogging career have inspired others to do the same. This is very surreal to me as I once was scared to start doing all of this in the first place. The very first YouTube videos I created were silly fandom videos (clips of celebrities edited to fit a song). I just liked the whole community of it and wanted to be more involved without people judging me. Very few people knew about this as I was very insecure about having a channel although I shouldn’t have been.

Years went past and I finally made my own personal YouTube channel about my life. More specifically, my travels. I’ve always loved exploring so I thought I’d share that passion with the world. I wanted to show people all the amazing places I’ve been to and all the experiences I’ve had. The feedback to this was lovely as I started sharing them on my personal social media accounts. More and more people started subscribing and keeping up to date with what I was doing, both on my channel and my blog. However, people wanted more, they wanted to see the person behind the camera and what she’s like.


Then I took all the courage I had and started recording videos. Of myself. In my room. Actually speaking and looking at the camera. Something I never thought I’d have the courage to do. At first, of course I felt like the whole world was going to judge me. To my surprise, that did not happen. Everybody was so incredibly supportive, which made me keep going. I ended up vlogging my whole month of December and I still make videos every week to this day. I love this vlogger/blogger community and I have had some amazing opportunities offered to me, which were never possible before.

I guess the point of this story is for you to never give up (I know how cheesy that sounds). You might not want to become the next big YouTuber but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue what YOU want to do. Forget about other people and the possibility of judgement because at the end of the day, what matters is your happiness. Do what you love. Improve what you’re working on or start something new. Or go explore the world of options. It is all there for you. Turn your dreams into reality – it is all up to you.

– Helina x

Explore. Improve. Create.