Summer 2017 Bucket List!

So each summer I like to create a small bucket list of things I want to do or accomplish throughout the 3 months I have off. Since this is one of the last summers that I can enjoy completely free from typical 9-5 work, I’ve decided to make the most of it. I don’t want to waste away my last summer of freedom. I want to seize every opportunity and do everything I can to be the best me. These goals, aims or however you’d prefer to name them, can be as small or big as you want them to be. Some might even seem impossible but it’s important to dream big. Set yourself some outrageous goals because otherwise how would you be able to find out your full potential? So here’s my list, including the silliest little things to some bigger goals I’d like to achieve.

1. Increase my water intake. I am the worst at getting my daily water intake. But summer is the best time to change that. I can already envision  all the lovely mint, lemon or strawberry ice waters I’m going to drink as well as the enormous amounts of watermelon I’m going to consume. And I’m so excited. I’ve already downloaded an app called My Water to ensure I hit my daily target. Get the app yourself & we can all encourage each other to drink more water and keep ourselves hydrated!


2. Go on a road trip. I just want to sit in a car and drive somewhere without having a set destination. Just drive, listen to music with our windows open and actually enjoy the journey itself, letting the road take us wherever it wants. I just want to seize the moment and not take anything for granted. The world is so beautiful, it’s up to us to enjoy it.


3. Gain 200 subscribers on my YouTube channel. This is kind of a personal goal of mine and it’s pretty specific. Lately I’ve been so into making videos and I love seeing my channel grow with more and more people enjoying the content I make. Seeing the number to reach 200 would mean so much to me. It would mean that people enjoy what I make as much as I enjoy making it. Of course it’s not all about the numbers, but you’ve got to set some sort of goals for yourself to measure your success.

4. Social Media Freelancing. I’d love to get some freelancing jobs in social media, creating design, scheduling content and overall managing the effectiveness of some business’s social media platforms. I also aim to create websites and social media platforms for companies that currently have no online presence whatsoever. It’s time to do something that I’m so passionate about.

5. Wear more skirts and dresses. I’ve never been the type of girl who wears dresses. I’m more of a jeans kinda girl. Well, this summer it’s time for a change. I don’t want to suffocate my legs in skinny jeans so I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and getting my legs a tan by wearing a dress and I’m going to enjoy it.

6. Go to festivals. This summer is the summer of festivals and events. Doesn’t matter where, I will be there. I want to make the most of the entertainment that the world offers, especially in the UK. After the past events happening, I think it’s so important to not be afraid of events. It’s important to stand together and not let others keep us from things we enjoy.


7. Change my hair. I’m not entirely sure what I want to do with my hair but all I know is that I need a change. Maybe I should go a bit lighter? Maybe a bit more colourful? I’m not even sure yet so if you have any suggestions, let me know!

8. Create more unique content. I currently love all the posts and videos I create but I know I can do even better. I want to use all my skills to to create something unique. So I hope you guys will support me throughout this journey of becoming a more efficient me.

So these are my little bucket list goals that I would like to achieve this summer. Some things might be more challenging to others than you so if someone else sets goals that seem a bit silly to you, do not judge them. Let’s all support each other in achieving their dreams. Let’s live in love.

Be kind, be humble.

– Helina x

Summer 2017 Bucket List!

Quiet Summer? Explore Estonia!

Have no plans for the summer? How about exploring Estonia? Estonia is a part of the Baltic States (which includes Latvia and Lithuania). Before I moved to England I saw it just as a tiny country that wasn’t anything special but now that I spend most of my life in England, every time I go back it feels like a holiday. I seem to appreciate everything I used to take for granted so much more. This summer I’m definitely going back to my home country again to explore the small yet amazingly beautiful country that I still call my home. I thought I’d share my all-time favourite places in Estonia with you, some might be common to tourists and some you might not even think of so here we go! (P.S. return flights start from 20 pounds in summer time so it’s definitely a bargain you do not want to miss).

1. Pärnu Beach

Yup, a beach. It’s pretty much an essential for summer time. I absolutely love the beach in my home town Pärnu. It’s a sandy beach, which I prefer so much more than the pebble beaches here in England. There’s just something about walking around in warm sand with a nice cool breeze going through your hair. Plus, we have cute little beach huts that sell cocktails, ice-cream, burgers, fries and pretty much anything you can think of. That’s why most people spend the whole day there! It’s also really nice to go there just for a walk even when it’s not summer time. There are nature trails looking over the seafront and you can even spot some cows. Pretty much my favourite place in Estonia. Also, it’s where the Weekend Festival takes place, which is my favourite festival ever (read my blog post about it all here). If you’d rather watch a little video about our little cycling trip around the seafront of Pärnu, click here!

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2. Tolkuse Raba

This is a swamp / nature trail right outside of Pärnu and it is basically the most magical place ever. Every time I go back home, I end up going there because it is so beautiful, no matter the weather or the season. I’ve taken all my friends there who have visited me from England and they are just in love with the place as I am. My favourite time to go there is when the sun is just about to set. One of the most beautiful sights in the world so I wouldn’t miss it if I were you.

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3. Tallinn’s Old Town / Viewing Platform

I absolutely love going to the Old Town in Tallinn. It’s like the time had stopped there and it has been kept as medieval as it was once upon a time. There’s so many various restaurants offering traditional Estonian cuisines, even vegan / vegetarian ones! I would definitely also visit one of the viewing platforms to see the overview of the old town and the pretty little rooftops. It’s hard to put into words how beautiful it is there and how different it is from everything else so I think it’s best to show you in pictures… If you’d like to see it in video, here’s a little vlog I filmed last time I went to Tallinn with my British boyfriend Kieran OR a video I made from the time I went to Tallinn with my family!

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4. Alpaca Farm

This. Place. Is. So. Cute! If you’re an animal lover like me then this place will be heavenly for you! I absolutely love everything about it. Alpacas are the most adorable things in the world and you can feed them, hug them, cuddle them and just spend time with them. They’re the softest little things I have ever seen. The place is owned by the loveliest people who tell you everything about how they started and also about the alpacas! Also, there are lots of goats who I completely fell in love with! Who knew goats could be so cute, I honestly didn’t. There was this one tiny goat baby that refused to let me leave by trying to stand on my feet every time I tried to go haha! Definitely visit them if you’re going to Estonia!


This (unfortunately) is all I have time to talk to you guys about today! But I am going to Estonia in a few days so another blog post of the hidden gems of Estonia might be coming your way soon. Until then, I hope you’re already looking for flight tickets to Tallinn.

– Helina x


Quiet Summer? Explore Estonia!